Cheek fillers

In micro-droplets


    30 minutes


    Minimal, up to 24 hours


    18 months


    Swelling, lumps


    Avoid touching or makeup for four hours




    From £415 for 1ml

This incredibly rejuvenating treatment will tastefully enhance the midface area so that light can once again capture the high points of the cheeks, making you look healthier and younger.

Ageing, as well as stress, weight loss, pregnancy and many other factors deplete the plumpness we hold in our cheeks, causing hollowness, lines and sagging, which inevitably makes us look more tired and drawn than we feel.

But, by restoring fullness and tissue support with hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, we can win back the refreshed, balanced and volumised appearance we love so much. Cheek filler injections are often needed before tear-trough treatment too, to add support under the eyes.

Dr Joshua Van der Aa administers cheek filler injections

“Volume lost in the mid-face causes surrounding facial structures to look deflated so I use filler to finely augment the fat pads to restore a natural and rejuvenated look”


Choose your practitioner carefully. Successful cheek filler augmentation is about more than accurate placement. This treatment needs a keen eye and commitment to natural-looking results so that you can avoid looking ‘overfilled’ and inflated. Dr Joshua’s results are synonymous with subtlety so you can be certain he’ll never compromise your beauty.

Do cheek filler injections lift your face?
Dermal filler doesn’t physically ‘lift’ the face, only surgery can do that. But fillers placed here will create the illusion of lifting by restoring subtle volume and rolling up the light reflection on the cheeks.

What does cheek filler do for your face?
Filler placed in the cheeks can have a number of positive impacts including doing away with dark shadows under the eyes, helping the cheeks appear plumper and more youthful, adding definition and sometimes smoothening laughter and nasolabial lines.

Do cheek filler injections cause swelling?
Swelling is a normal and predictable reaction to injections. Any swelling should settle after a few days as the product integrates and the body heals. Final results from fillers are usually visible between four and six weeks after treatment.

How painful are cheek fillers?
This is not a painful treatment, injections here are tolerated well. But you may feel some mild discomfort and pressure during the procedure.

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