Terms and Conditions

Booking your appointment
Appointments must be made using our online booking platform. The only exceptions are check-up requests.

Your appointment will be reserved for you. This will be confirmed by email as soon as your booking process is complete and a reminder will be sent via text message 48 hours before your scheduled booking.

We kindly request that you arrive in good time for your appointment; 10 minutes ahead is ideal.

Check ups can be requested via our ‘Contact us‘ page, by email: info@drjoshua.co.uk or via WhatsApp: +44 7534 905986. Please include a clear, well-lit photograph with your request.

Whether booking a treatment or consultation with Dr Joshua, please note the following:

Booking fee
All appointments require a £150 deposit. This helps us to keep non-attendance and late arrivals to a minimum; something that would otherwise drive-up prices and cut into other patient’s treatment times.

The deposit is non-refundable but is credited in full to any treatments on the day of your appointment. If no treatments are given, it serves as your consultation fee.

On rare occasions where someone from the booking team or Dr Joshua books a further appointment for you without taking the deposit – for example during an appointment – payment for your treatment on the day will be due in full.

Rescheduling, cancellations and failing to attend
Our cancellation policy allows you to reschedule your appointment once, provided we are notified at least seven days in advance, for no additional cost.

Where adequate notice is given, we will hold your deposit for up to 12 months until you’re ready to book again. In this case, we invite you to email us with details of when you’re ready to attend and we will make the booking for you, subject to availability. This will avoid the need to pay the deposit again via the booking platform.

Rescheduling within seven days of your appointment will result in the forfeit of 50 per cent of your deposit. But please note: if you reschedule with two days’ notice or less, it is forfeited in full.

If you are not checked-in to the waiting area by the starting time of your appointment, there is a chance you may not be seen or treated that day, and you may lose your deposit. (This includes, but is not limited to, sickness, travel problems, whether involving local traffic or public transport issues).

Please note, we may advise against, or decline to treat you on the day, if you:
• Are planning to marry within six weeks of your consultation (there may be possible bruising and swelling)
• Are planning to attend any other important event soon after your treatment
• Have an active cold sore or other skin condition in the area to be treated
• Have any underlying illnesses or previous surgeries in the area that weren’t mentioned beforehand
• Have had previous or incorrectly placed filler that needs to be removed first to guarantee optimal results.

Although we always try to be on time for you, on occasion, our appointments may slightly overrun particularly if a patient becomes unwell during their treatment, for example feeling faint or because of complicated cases. We thank you for your understanding.

On rare occasions beyond our control there may be circumstances where we have to cancel or reschedule appointments at short notice. In these situations, our bookings team will be in touch to help you find the earliest next available appointment time to suit.