Alma Hybrid™ CO2 laser

In micro-droplets


    One hour


    One–two weeks, depending on the intensity


    Three-five years, sometimes permanent


    Redness, swelling and tenderness


    Gentle, regular moisturising . SPF50 at least three times per day. No skincare actives for two weeks


    Laser resurfacing


    From £1750 for full face. Other prices per area

We are delighted to offer skin resurfacing treatments using the Alma Hybrid™ CO2 laser. Our clinic is currently one of only four in the UK – and the first in Harley Street – to offer this latest device in advanced laser treatment technology for skin resurfacing.

There are so many things that can affect our skin, from wrinkles and scars to sun damage and birthmarks and much more. Fortunately, there are also solutions that will go a long way to restoring the smoother, clearer appearance we crave.

One of them is the Alma Hybrid™ CO2 laser, a fractional treatment which treats the skin with an array of laser points of varying intensity, depending on the problems involved.

It’s a powerful and proven rejuvenation technique for facial issues performed in order to tighten, improve elasticity or completely renew the skin altogether.

There are other advantages too: it’s reasonably comfortable, speedy and requires relatively little downtime, enabling you to achieve optimal results without too much delay, although the number of treatments needed depends on the type of issue.

In many instances you’ll see results after one session. In only a matter of days you’ll notice a gradual improvement as the skin softens and the pigmentation improves giving a smoother appearance.

But to ensure you get the absolute results you want, Dr Joshua will be glad to assess and advise on a suitable treatment schedule.

How long will the results last?
That depends on how old you are, the general state of your health and how you care for your skin afterwards. But on average they last between three and five years with patients opting for an occasional top-up.

How does it work?
The laser causes your own skin tissue including collagen to regenerate and remodel, and fill in and smooth out any scars.

What sort of technology is used?
The Alma Hybrid™ CO2 Laser is a cutting-edge device that combines ablative, coagulative and thermal energies, a combination which can be used in multiple ways to give limitless options when devising uniquely personalised treatment plans so you can be sure the results will be right for you.

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