PRP hair rejuvenation

In micro-droplets


    1 hour


    24-48 hours


    6-12 months


    Bruising and swelling


    Avoid washing with warm water on the day of treatment



  • NOTE

    Initially 3 sessions are required to build up towards the desired results

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an effective and entirely natural treatment for encouraging the growth of thicker, fuller and better conditioned hair.

We give it to both men and women concerned with hair thinning, receding hairlines and to arrest or slow down the rate of hair loss by encouraging new – and sometimes more – hair to grow. PRP also has a good success rate in the treatment of alopecia.

Hair is more than simply your ‘crowning glory.’ It’s fundamental to your identity, both visually and psychologically. Once you begin to notice changes in your hair density: reduced fullness, a widened parting or visible patches of scalp showing through, you won’t be alone in feeling your confidence diminish, which can become challenging emotionally as well as socially.

There can be any number of reasons for experiencing changes in your hair growth pattern, including genetics, periods of ill health or stress and hormonal fluctuations, particularly following childbirth or during the menopause.

“PRP is the one treatment I couldn’t live without. It stimulates healthier hair growth as well as more hair per follicle!”


In fact, many of us noticed negative changes in the health of our hair during the Covid pandemic – a great many of our new PRP patients have said they felt the uncertainty during this period triggered a change.

A healthy scalp is fundamental to growing hair – and PRP directly targets the follicles in the scalp with your own body’s healing agents: your blood platelets. These contain growth factors, which are signalling proteins that promote cell growth and tissue repair. By injecting these concentrated platelets in multiple areas across your scalp, we can trick your body into promoting growth and repair just where it’s needed.

Dr Joshua is an expert in treating hair thinning and loss using PRP and every patient he takes on will see a result.

We offer PRP skin treatments, also known as ‘vampire facial’, as well as Hydrafacial Keravive hair treatments, which can be used with PRP for optimal hair growth.

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