In micro-droplets


    30 minutes




    2–3 weeks


    Mild soreness






    £350 per session

There are few things that give us body confidence as much as a lean, athletic physique. It doesn’t have to be the full ‘beach body’ complete with washboard abs, but a flat, toned stomach is often the first priority.

Apart from making you look younger, stronger and more vital, it has health benefits. Those of us with a strong core tend to suffer fewer back problems, for one thing.

But achieving it takes a lot of effort and gym time – time we often simply don’t have. So, imagine how you’d look if you were able to do 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes – or better still, get a machine to do it for you, all while you’re lying down relaxing.

“EMsculpt stimulates all the abdominal muscles that make up our internal muscular corset, so it can literally tighten your waistline in a similar way to a traditional corset, but pain-free!”


That’s where EMsculpt comes in, using the sort of highly-focused electromagnetic energy able to simulate high-intensity supramaximal muscle contractions not possible through normal exercise. As it works, it builds muscle and burns fat at the same time.

In fact, studies have shown that it can increase muscle density by as much as 16 per cent and also reduce fat by 19 per cent, thanks to the fact that when contracting, the muscles release epinephrine which breaks down fat, a process known as lipolysis.

There’s also a bonus in the fact that, for most of us, results can be felt immediately after the first treatment, although Dr Joshua will advise on a proper treatment plan to maximise results and give you the body you want.

It works equally as well for men and women and can target many hard-to-treat areas such as the buttocks, arms and legs, all of which benefit being toned and lifted.

  • EMsculpt treatments with our highly-experienced beauty technician are available on Mondays

Is EMsculpt body contouring painful?
Not at all. You can certainly feel your body being worked in the way you might experience a gym session. But most people just relax and let it do its stuff. It’s also completely non-invasive and there’s no need for preparation and requires no recovery time.

How long until I get the full benefits?
While you’ll see evidence immediately, a series of evenly-spaced EMsculpt body contouring sessions should bring the best result after about two weeks.

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