In micro-droplets


    30 minutes


    Minimal, up to 24 hours


    Up to 18 months


    Bruising, swelling, lumps


    Avoid touching or makeup for four hours




    From £415 for 1ml

Are you dreaming of desirably prominent, high lateral cheekbones that reflect maximum light and add structure to your face?

Some of us have barely visible cheekbones, which is quite different to the hollowing in the mid-face area caused by ageing, weight loss or pregnancy; we simply yearn for a more sculpted, more pronounced look that will also work well in three-quarter view, aka ‘the selfie angle’.

Adding dermal filler in just the right places can provide the solution, taking cheekbones to a whole new dimension. Although this treatment involves a really subtle injection technique, its result will add visible natural contouring and a more pleasing facial sculpture.

In fact, cheekbone filler can accentuate the character of any face shape: slimming and shaping round ones and giving better ratio to long ones.

It’s particularly popular with our patients who spend a lot of time in front of the camera, or in make-up, given that the injections enhance symmetry and definition, bounce light and optimise youthful plumpness.

You’ll need a cosmetic doctor with a sound reputation for delivering natural results, such as Dr Joshua, for this one – too much or too often and you risk ‘pillow face’, a look that’s obvious, puffy, overfilled and distorted.

Do cheek fillers give you cheekbones?
This treatment will help make your cheekbones ‘pop’ by creating the illusion of a slight shadow or dip just below the bone because of the introduction of subtle extra volume higher up, catching the light in just the perfect place for you.

Do fillers in the cheekbones show straight away?
An obvious, attractive difference will be noticeable immediately but there will be slight swelling and redness to begin with. Although there’s no real downtime, the final result will only be visible when the filler product has fully integrated, usually four weeks later.

How much filler is used for cheekbone augmentation?
This will vary from person to person because of anatomy, expectations and goals.


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