Platysma bands

In micro-droplets


    10 minutes


    1 hour


    Average 4 months


    Bruising, swelling, asymmetry


    Avoid touching or makeup for 6 hours, stay upright for 2 hours, no heat exposure for 2 weeks


    Ultra-fine needle



The neck, particularly if long and ballerina-slender, is a hallmark of beauty in most cultures; universally seen as a sign of grace and poise. Clothes are designed to show them off, jewellery is made to accentuate them and studies have shown our eyes are drawn to them on first meeting.

One of the most defined areas of the neck is the Platysmal bands, the twin ridges of muscle that run from the jawline to the decolletage. These can shorten over time, tugging at the skin of the lower face and creating the vertical bands often referred to as a ‘Turkey neck’.

Unlike other muscles that lie deep beneath the skin, it sits closer to the surface so becomes increasingly visible over time. Weight-loss can hasten this as the layers of fat surrounding it become thinner.

Treatments take a matter of minutes; results can show in days and the effect can last up to six months. They involve anti-wrinkle injections of botox, targeted directly into the muscle which smooths and rejuvenates.

Relaxation of the muscle creates the appearance of lifting and smoothing of jowls along with a sharper, more defined jawline so the results can be quite dramatic.

This treatment is known as the ‘Nefertiti neck lift’, named after the Egyptian queen known for the sheer majesty of her sharp, perfect jawline, and it is one that Dr Joshua has performed countless times with exceptional results.

How quickly will I see a change to my platysma bands?
Usually within a few days of one session and while, as with all treatments involving injections, there may be some redness and minor swelling, these side effects are minimal and tend to disappear quickly.

How many units of toxin are used for platysma bands?
This can vary depending on the patient and the severity of the presentation but, generally, a patient will need up to six injections and 20-25 units of Botox per band.

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