In micro-droplets


    Up to 30 minutes


    Minimal–24 hours


    12–18 months


    Bruising, swelling, redness, lumps


    Avoid touching or make-up for four hours


    Cannula, needle


    From £815

The sheer restorative magic of InclinEyes™ has quite literally to be seen to be believed.

With no unsightly threads, toxins or risky complications sometimes associated with brow lifts, it has revolutionised a procedure that can do so much to enhance the way you look.

InclinEyes™ is Dr Joshua’s visionary signature treatment and it’s fast-building his reputation as an innovator in non-surgical eye rejuvenation.

In fact, you could say it’s quite an eye-opener.

So, if you’re feeling dismayed by tired, hollow-looking eyes – with brows that appear droopy, even sad – #InclinEyes™ could be just the ‘antidote’ to awaken them.

With precision injections of specially-selected fillers only – an added element of safety because the treatment can be reversed – the upper eyelids and brow arches are delicately re-volumised along the brow rim. The tails of the brows are then stealthily elevated; a subtle repositioning that discreetly alters the inclination of the eyes giving a new and desirable almond-outline.

Before and after InclinEyes filler injections by Dr Joshua Van der Aa

“Patients adore the age-defying, light-reflecting result my signature InclinEyes gives them. I use ultra-precise injections to discreetly re-drape the eyelid fold and scoop up droopy brow tails”


The effect is incredibly refreshing. With light reflection amplified, shadows all but evaporate. The result sees an improvement in symmetry and an appearance that’s altogether more youthful and elegant.

And, in line with his brand for only the most natural-looking outcomes, there’s no one-size fits all. Dr Joshua adeptly customises #InclinEyes™ in line with your anatomy so that you remain uniquely yourself, with just a little more sparkle in your eyes.

  • InclinEyes™+ includes bespoke options adaptable to each face. For example, the ‘plus’ treatment can commonly address up to four areas; via the brow, temple, under-eye and upper eyelid.
  • InclinEyes™ has featured in a number of publications including HELLO! Fashion, Tatler, Country & Town House, Hashtag Life, Aesthetic Medicine, Uptown Style and Aesthetics Journal. Visit our ‘In The Press’ page to see more

Is it suitable for everyone?
Anyone who goes into it with the right expectations will benefit from the treatment. Older patients with skin draped on to the eyelashes may find that a surgical intervention, such as upper eyelid correction, would be required before #InclinEyes™ treatment.

Is InclinEyes similar to Fox Eyes?
We believe there are several advantages to #InclinEyes™. Downtime is minimal, often there is none – in some cases no more than mild swelling for about 10 days at most, which is so slight it wouldn’t be noticeable to others. And the treatment is fully reversible. The result is less extreme and significantly longer-lasting – and natural-looking – than Fox Eye Threads.

InclinEyes treatment

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