Scar reduction

In micro-droplets


    30 minutes depending on the area(s)


    Up to two weeks


    Permanent after the optimal result is achieved


    Redness, swelling, blistering


    Regular moisturising, SPF 50 at least three times a day if visible, No active skincare ingredients for up to two weeks


    Alma Hybrid CO2 laser


    On assessment

There are few things that can make us feel as self-conscious as a physical scar. Irrespective of where it is, its shape or size, it may be ever-present in our minds.

But more than that, there can even be clinical elements of concern to us. In some cases, they can become tight, appear inflamed and lumpy, for example. They can even restrict our movements.

In these instances, we may recommend a course of fractional CO2 laser treatment. As with all our treatments, a full consultation on all aspects and options will be discussed and Dr Joshua will customise the treatment to your specific skin type and scar severity.

Small areas can be treated under local anaesthetic, whatever the cause of the scarring, even if it’s a result of something such as an injury, dog bite or even acne which can leave deep, pitted scarring, which cannot be removed without the help of an expert.

Fortunately, modern technology means there are many more options than invasive surgical procedures available when it comes to skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

The CO2 laser works right where it’s needed to repair the scar tissue from within. It creates tiny holes in your scar, enabling it to mature quickly as well as eradicating feelings of tightness. The fractional technique can also make scars softer and flatter and tends to reduce any itchiness. The treatment ends with Impact Ultrasound to penetrate essential products that help ensure optimal overall results.

How many visits will I need for scar reduction?
A course of treatment is usually required. It is not always possible to predict exactly how many at the outset but, it could involve two to four laser sessions with intervals of between six to eight weeks between them.

Are there any risks?
Very few. The scar reduction procedure is quite straightforward. A cool pack may be applied to your skin to relieve any discomfort, although this usually disappears within 24 hours.

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