Full facial rejuvenation

In micro-droplets


    1 hour


    24–48 hours


    12–18 months


    Bruising, swelling, redness, lumps


    Avoid touching or make-up for six hours


    Cannula and needle


    On assessment

Waking up to a tired-looking reflection can leave you feeling less than inspired. You may have a diet and sleep pattern that isn’t even that bad, but the stresses and strains of a multi-faceted lifestyle can show on your face, almost without warning.

Throw in some late nights, environmental pollution, dehydration, a lack of exercise – and general ageing – and the chances are the luxury skin cream you rely on no longer gets you glowing. So just what can you do to look refreshed again?

Dr Joshua offers the ‘full facial rejuvenation’ appointment to help give you the answers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had some minimal cosmetic work in the past or you’re completely new to it and feeling unsure. He will work with you to determine exactly what combination of treatments will help revitalise your appearance. After a full facial assessment, and understanding your priorities, he will advise on what can be done to restore a fresh, natural, energised look.

Be it adding dermal fillers to restore subtle volume, toxin injections to lessen wrinkles, Morpheus8 for improved skin tone or Profhilo for extra glow, the treatment plan will be specific to you and your budget. Only the most beneficial procedures for the most impactful results will be recommended.

It can also be tailored to a pace that suits you. In many cases, and if you’re travelling from afar, treatments can be given during the appointment. But you may prefer to book a ‘consultation without treatment’ first so you can go away to think through the advice.

If your eye area is bothersome, you couldn’t be in better hands. As a specialist in non-surgical cosmetic eye tweaks, Dr Joshua is the only one to offer InclinEyes™ for a more open and sensual look. Tear trough filler, to help erase dark circles, is his most-requested procedure, and he’s one of the few doctors in the world to treat hollow upper eyelids with filler. See our treatments menu for all the options that could be open to you.

There is no set formula because every face is different and every beauty unique. We want you to stay that way, but rejuvenated. Dr Joshua knows you’ll feel your best when you know you look your best, and he’s here to help you achieve exactly that.

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