Gummy smile

In micro-droplets


    10 minutes


    Minimal, up to an hour


    4 months


    Bruising, swelling, asymmetry


    Avoid touching or makeup for six hours, stay upright for two hours, no heat exposure for a week


    Invisible needle



Few things boost our appearance and confidence more than a smile we feel proud to share. But, if too much gum on show is holding you back, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a quick and effective, non-surgical fix.

Many of us find that our top lip lifts too high above our teeth when we smile, exposing more of our gums than is generally considered attractive. There can be a number of reasons for this, including:

  • a hyperactive muscle
  • the shape and size of the teeth and jaw
  • a shorter or thinner lip

In cases where your gummy smile – or excessive gingival display – results from an overactive muscle, small, precise injections of botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox) either side of the nose, where the nostrils and nose-to-mouth lines meet, will help to correct the issue.

“The injections are quick and accurate, and I’m always impressed with the difference this makes. It’s lovely to receive the photos of happy smiles”


The toxin works by relaxing and weakening the muscle activity so that your upper lip no longer lifts quite as high above your teeth and upper gum, giving you a better-shaped, beautiful smile.

You may also benefit from subtle lip filler injections to hydrate and plump the lips for an optimal smile result. This can be assessed during the consultation.

Dr Joshua has considerable experience in this procedure and is well-known for his injection-focused, non-surgical skills, delivering sought-after, subtle yet effective results.

Does a gummy smile treatment make lips bigger?
This treatment can create the appearance of fuller lips because the top lip will cover more of the upper gum than you’re used to.

Is gummy smile the same as lip flip Botox?
The injection sites are different. Lip flip injections are given just above the lip border and corners of the mouth to gently rotate the lip outwards. Gummy smile treatment injections are given closer to the nostrils to knock-out the elevator function of the muscle that raises the lip.

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