In micro-droplets


    Up to 40 minutes


    Up to 4 hours




    Bruising, swelling, redness, lumps


    Avoid touching or make-up for 6 hours


    Ultrasound, cannula, needle


    From £350 for ultrasound exploration

Dermal fillers are an excellent and tested way to gently plump areas of the face lacking in youthful contour, whether due to genetics or the natural loss in volume that happens over time.

These can be administered safely and effectively when the treatments are performed by highly-skilled and medically-qualified practitioners whose results make an impactful difference with incredibly subtle and beautiful results.

Intricate knowledge of facial anatomy, a medical-setting, selecting the finest-quality fillers based on understanding product composition and qualities, using the appropriate tools for each facial area, as well as accurate injection techniques, all contribute to their safety.

All procedures, however, carry risks. And therefore, any advancements that can help make administering facial fillers even safer will improve outcomes for you and further reduce the likelihood of complications.

“I find the image quality excellent. It can be invaluable for reassuring you of the results”


We are proud to be an early adopter of the Clarius L20 HD ultra-high frequency ultrasound wireless scanner, which gives our doctor the scope to clearly visualise facial and superficial anatomy in real time whenever he needs it.

Because we see a high number of patients seeking to reverse misplaced or ‘overdone’ fillers given elsewhere, we have introduced ‘Ultrasound exploration’ to our list of available appointments, which you’ll find when you book your slot with Dr Joshua via our online platform.

This is a particularly popular choice for patients seeking to confirm that what they’re seeing and feeling is filler, for knowing where their fillers are (sometimes after many years) or for reassurance that dissolving treatments they’ve been given have been effective. This appointment also includes the option for further dissolving with Dr Joshua if you choose.

Dissolving treatments without use of ultrasound are also available. Please contact us if you’re unsure what to book.

How does the ultrasound help?
The portable ultrasound scanner is a harmless way to visualise the superficial layers below the skin and for guiding the needle or cannula to the precise location of filler deposits in order to dissolve them. It can be used to map facial arteries, as required, and to verify and characterise existing facial fillers. Dr Joshua will position the screen so that he can show and explain to you what he can see.

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