Profile balancing

In micro-droplets


    1 hour


    24–48 hours


    12 months


    Bruising, swelling, lumps


    Avoid touching or makeup for 6 hours.


    Cannula and needle



In the age of selfies, we’re conscious of how we appear in side-profile. Looking our best in photographs, in oblique and lateral views – particularly in three-quarter -matters like never before.

In other words, your facial silhouette counts. We typically feel better about ourselves when our nose, chin, lips and, sometimes, our forehead, are well-defined and proportionate.

But some of us notice certain features appear too prominent, not prominent enough or simply ‘out of line’ with each other. Often, all it takes to bring better harmony to the face is a touch of subtle augmentation to ensure the desired evenness in our features.

This can mean adding some fullness to the lips, elongating the chin, straightening and gently raising the tip of nose.

Profiloplasty, more commonly known as Profile Balancing, seeks to treat all the elements that make up our silhouette as a whole, balancing out any imperfections using a combination of dermal filler treatments.

In order to enhance your symmetry and to achieve the most natural-looking, individual and optimal result for you, Dr Joshua will combine his artistic eye with his knowledge of structural and aesthetic facial values to delicately adjust and reshape your proportions, all without surgery.

How long does a profile balancing treatment take?
The consultation and assessment are the longest aspect of the appointment and your opportunity to collaborate with Dr Joshua in deciding the combination of procedures in your treatment plan. The precise injections themselves take minutes per area and your results will be immediate. Some swelling and redness is likely to begin with and more than one session may be necessary.

Will profile balancing make my nose look smaller?
The improved light reflection from correcting any bumps and curves, together with any filler treatments given in the chin, lips or forehead, will mean your facial ratios will be better balanced, reducing its prominence. This can give the illusion of a smaller nose.

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