Forehead filler

In micro-droplets


    15-30 minutes


    Minimal, up to 24 hours


    18 months


    Bruising, swelling, lumps


    Avoid touching or makeup for four hours




    From £415 for 1ml

Forehead filler is a subtle, yet highly effective, procedure that rounds dips, hollowness or even flatness to achieve a more flattering curvature enabling light to catch it right at the centre.

A convex forehead is aesthetically desirable and often considered a marker of feminine beauty and youth but as this is a highly active area in terms of facial expression, it quickly shows signs of ageing or irregularity because of the finer tissue below the skin in this tight anatomical part.

When roundness is lost or absent genetically, we might become conscious of slight depressions, dents or hollowing on either side of the forehead just above the lateral brow, along the centre of the forehead, or sometimes both.

As with any scarring in the area, this changes how the light hits and can create shadowy ‘sinks’ or the appearance of a darker line across the middle, emphasising the appearance of a heavy, more masculine-looking brow.

“I find the increased deep support helps soften muscle contraction, so it improves the really deep horizontal lines”


Filling these concaves is a reasonably quick but highly precise procedure to improve the shape of the forehead – and it’s a particularly popular treatment among women who are often in front of a camera.

The end-result will leave you with a subtly volumised and smoother profile and a refreshed, more youthful appearance. Adding gentle plumpness and hydration with filler also positively impacts the appearance of any lines and wrinkles.

This is a risky area to inject and should only be entrusted to a medically qualified practitioner with this specific knowledge, experience and skill, such as Dr Joshua.

Can forehead filler injections help fix a visible dent?
Very precise injections can help, but this can only be determined during an in-person consultation and assessment.

Is filler better than Botox in the forehead?
Toxin relaxes the movement of muscles below the skin to smooth away lines and wrinkles. Forehead filler injections are used to improve the profile and contour, and eliminate shadows.

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