Neck slimming / tension

In micro-droplets


    40 minutes




    4–6 months


    Bruising, swelling, redness, lumps


    Stay upright for two hours. No gym for two days. No heat exposure for two weeks





Waking up with a stiff neck is an annoyance. But for many us, this is nothing to the persistent upper back and neck pain we struggle with daily.

Fortunately, there’s long-term relief to be found with the same type of toxin injections given to smooth facial wrinkles.

When poor posture, tension, stress or physical strain ‘stores’ in our muscle tissues, particularly in the large trapezius across our shoulders, this can result in ‘knots’ that constantly radiate pain or feel tender to the touch. In some cases, they trigger debilitating cramps or spasms.

Injections of botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as Botox, work to calm muscle tensions and provide pain relief over many months at a time, frequently meaning oral medications and their associated side effects – including tiredness, dizziness, sedation – can be limited or even avoided.

“This niche treatment really works wonders in patients suffering chronic pain of this kind. I’ve had a lot of success with it”


Injecting the attributable muscles with the toxin blocks signals from the neurotransmitters causing them to relax. And, if there’s no contraction, there’s no tension and the back or neck pain usually dissipates. This can help with posture issues and certain tension headaches.

Another effect of the injections in the trapezius is the ‘shrinkage’ of the muscle as it relaxes. This reduced ‘bulk’ across the base of the neck and across the shoulders recontours the area resulting in a visible slimming effect, elongating the neck so it appears more elegant and feminine. And with the softer shoulder line often comes a more clearly-defined collarbone.

Toxin injections need to be accurate and precise, and should only be given by doctors with the necessary anatomical knowledge. If you would like to discuss using it in treatment for back and neck pain, book your appointment with Dr Joshua today.

How long before the pain relief and neck slimming works?
The effects of toxin injections aren’t immediate. Tensed muscles should feel relaxed and the shoulders and neck look smaller and slimmer within a month.

Will it affect my movement?
The muscles can feel a little weaker initially but this soon restores and you will be able to move and lift normally.

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