Morpheus8 & CO2 laser

In micro-droplets


    1 hour + numbing


    1-2 weeks


    Permanent, repeat annually to maintain results


    Bruising, swelling, redness, lumps


    Gentle washing and moisturising. Apply SPF50 frequently. No skincare actives for at least 1 week


    Microneedling, radio frequency, laser


    Full face: £2250. Eyes or mouth: £1500

Dr Joshua is pleased to be one of the first doctors outside the US to combine the powers of cutting-edge energy devices Morpheus8 & CO2 laser in a new signature skin treatment.

If you are affected by lax or puffy tissues around the eyes, mouth or neck area, this could be the treatment for you.

This ‘power duo’ approach treats both the internal and external tissues in the same appointment to provide the maximum level of skin contraction, resulting in, not just a much-needed tightening effect, but significant improvements in skin texture in the treated areas.

In fact, Dr Joshua was one of the first to undergo the treatment himself – he’s had it twice – so he is well-placed to explain in the consultation exactly what it does and how it feels.

⇩Seeing is believing: day-by-day through downtime⇩

To make the procedure completely comfortable, pain is managed by high-strength anaesthetic cream and anaesthetic injections. In the days that follow the treatment, discomfort is no more than a feeling of a mild sunburn, so no further pain management is necessary.

Downtime is between five and seven days, although moderate redness can be visible for around two weeks afterwards, particularly in sensitive skin.

“This is truly amazing. It dramatically improved the poor skin under my eyes.”


For the best results, two treatments are recommended in most cases. And, because this is a remodelling treatment, it doesn’t require regular upkeep. However, the results will be better maintained with a repeat treatment every one to two years.

Are the Morpheus8 & CO2 laser treatments given on the same day?
Yes. Both are done during same session with Morpheus8 given first, immediately followed by the CO2 laser. This creates a ‘sandwich’ effect where the skin is treated and tightened inside and out. It means the downtime for the two treatments is shared, so there’s maximum result and it’s easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Does the treatment cause discolouration?
The Alma Hybrid™ CO2 laser’s technical advances make it much less prone to these issues than previous CO2 lasers. Fair patients with sensitive skin who’ve been treated so far have tolerated it well, although their recovery time has been slightly longer than the average seven days. It is also suitable on darker skin. There is always a thorough consultation and assessment first. If you’d like further details, please get in touch via the ‘contact us‘ page.

Grace, 30, shares her recovery journey

“I’d had some tear trough filler to correct the shadows caused by my puffy under eyes and this reduced the length of them by half! But filler with puffy eyes can only go so far. My puffy under eyes have always been my main insecurity and my dream was for any level of further improvement in time for my wedding.”

Grace undergoes CO2 laser Morpheus8 combination skin tightening treatment by Dr Joshua Van der Aa

Morpheus8 & CO2 laser combination treatment 12 weeks before the Big Day.


Patient after Morpheus8 CO2 laser combination skin tightening treatment by Dr Joshua Van der AaDAY 1: “No discomfort really – the skin is of course very sensitive, so when a hair or something lands on my face it is SUPER tickly. Can’t feel it other than the feeling of the swelling”.

Patient after treatment laser and Morpheus8 by Dr Joshua Van der AaDAY 2: “Swelling is worse this morning. It has spread to the inner corners of my eyes as well as along my nose a little. Still no discomfort apart from the occasional urge to itch. Yesterday evening, I felt much more tired than I normally would.”

Patient after treatment by Dr Joshua Van der AaDAY 3: “No discomfort but slight itching and fatigue. I woke up with a headache and feeling dehydrated. Some tiny flakes of skin have fallen off, but nothing significant yet. Midface and eyelid swelling has gone down the most. Still significant swelling in the corners of my eyes and along the sides of my nose.”

Patient after treatment by Dr Joshua Van der AaDAY 4: “Quite a significant difference in the swelling today! It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to tell what is swelling and what is just my face.

“Most of the scaly dry skin came off yesterday so I am now left with a pink mask of skin that feels much smoother.”

Patient after treatment by Dr Joshua Van der AaDAY 5: “My skin is a bit pinker than it looks in the photo. There’s no discomfort except for the occasional itchy feeling still. I’m pretty sure the swelling is gone except for a little in the eyelids but that could just be sleep puffiness. I see a definite improvement in under-eye puffiness and skin texture.

“Some minor hyperpigmentation has gone from the left eye but appears to have expanded in the area under the right eye. I’m sure it will settle when fully healed and I start using vitamin C again.”

Patient after treatment by Dr Joshua Van der AaDAY 10: “I am slowly getting a mask of darker coloured skin where I have been treated. I’m continuing to use my SPF and I’m wearing sunglasses and a hat when I go out. I also have grid marks now, which I have heard can happen after treatment. A small bruise came up but it’s going green so I think it’s on its way out.”

Patient showing the result from a Morpheus8 CO2 laser combination treatment with Dr Joshua Van der AaDAY 21: “I returned to see Dr Joshua for my check-up a little later than planned because I got Covid! I asked him to re-add some tear trough filler that was dispersed by the Morpheus8. My eyes look so much better and tighter and the puffiness has reduced significantly. I’m delighted.”

WEDDING DAY: “Thank you again for helping me to look like the best version of myself!”

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