Chin filler

In micro-droplets


    30-60 minutes


    Minimal, up to 24 hours


    18 months


    Bruising, swelling, lumps


    Avoid touching or make up for four hours


    Needle or cannula


    From £415 for 1ml

A rounder face can be made to look slimmer, a jawline more defined and the overall proportions of your face brought into better balance by carefully augmenting with chin filler.

You may find that in both profile and frontal views, the lack of length in your chin is really offsetting the symmetry of your face – sometimes, a short or retracted chin is genetic or the result of weight change or ageing. Or you may be conscious that an obvious chin dimple or crease is drawing attention away from your other features.

Improving the projection and shape of the chin with fillers can bring harmony to an otherwise lovely face, without giving the appearance of having been dramatically altered.

This unimposing but highly effective treatment, given by deep injections down to the bone, can bring you closer to that desirable, more defined, heart-shaped face if you are a woman or to a stronger, more powerful-looking jawline in a man.

In some, chin filler can have the effect of tightening the skin for a sharper, more youthful-looking jaw; the added structure in the lower-third of the face helps to make jowls and ‘double chins’ less apparent.

As one of London’s most talented injectors, you’ll be in safe hands with Dr Joshua who has vast experience in beautifying and augmenting recessive chins non-surgically.

Does chin filler change your face?
A chin filler augmentation can enhance the definition and attractiveness of your face; evenly proportioned faces are typically most desirable. Re-shaping and gently elongating the chin will balance other features such as the nose and forehead. A lack of adequate structure in the lower face can otherwise accentuate the submental fat pad underneath.

Is chin filler augmentation a good idea?
It will improve a weak chin but, as with all injectables, choose your practitioner carefully to avoid sub-optimal results or a jawline that’s too heavy and wide for your face.

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