In micro-droplets


    10 minutes


    Up to 1 hour


    4 months


    Bruising, swelling, asymmetry


    Avoid touching or makeup for 4 hours, stay upright for 2 hours, no intense heat exposure for 1 week


    Ultra-fine needle


    From £220 for 1 area

Anti-wrinkle injections using botulinum toxin are the most effective way to soften the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles for a fresher and more youthful appearance that won’t leave you looking frozen or expressionless.

We all find crinkling around the eyes and wrinkling at the top the nose the cutest of features when we’re laughing and smiling. But, over time, these movements form lines that become more pronounced or ‘etched in’ and, for some of us, can become unwelcome indications of ageing.

Perhaps ‘worry lines’ remain on the forehead when you’re not even talking (and expressing yourself with your brows). Or you feel self-conscious because you appear to be frowning when you’re not, you’ve just been concentrating hard.

“A natural-looking result means retaining some subtle movement, that’s always my intention: not a frozen and expressionless face”


This can be dismaying, we know. Yes, we believe in the wonders of effective topical skincare for helping smooth out creases, but even with good hydration and diet, which are always necessary, these measures can only go so far.

Step forward toxin (aka Botox) injections, which are not only swift and almost undetectable as they’re given, they can, in many cases, erase the lines, significantly reduce them or, in patients where they’re already very deep, visibly soften them.

Dr Joshua can effectively inject in just the right places with custom-dosing for each individual face to achieve the desired outcome, ensuring you’ll look brighter, more rested and always entirely natural.

How do anti-wrinkle Botox injections work?
These toxins, including brand Botox®, are prescription-only medicines that block the passage of chemical messages between the nerves and muscles where injected, leaving the muscle in a relaxed state so that the skin above puckers far less.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?
This depends on the individual but, in most cases, we anticipate that your anti-wrinkle treatment will remain effective for around four months.

Will I see results straight away?
It takes a short while for the toxin to start doing its job. The results will kick-in between seven and 14 days after treatment, peaking at two weeks and will then remain noticeably effective, usually for several weeks.

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