Filler dissolving

In micro-droplets


    10 minutes, depending on the area


    Up to 4 hours


    Within hours, sometimes 24-48 hours


    Initial swelling and redness at the injection site


    No touching or makeup for four to six hours


    Ultra-fine injection


    From £275

Dermal fillers are useful and important substances when it comes to facial aesthetic treatments. The compounds, used on soft tissue and injected into the skin at various depths are generally temporary although studies prove they never fully go away.

This is desirable when the injecting achieves a pleasing, natural-looking outcome. But there are occasions when it may be preferable to remove them, rather than allow them their normal lifespan: poor placement, migration, an allergic reaction, for example, or an infection. In some cases, the filler may have even displaced or resulted in unevenness.

Whatever the reason, we realise there will be times when a reversal is requested, even if only because the patient simply has a change of heart about the procedure.

The good news is that none of these are insurmountable and can be easily minimised or removed by an accomplished and medically-qualified injector who combines the safest products with expert anatomical understanding.

The method we use is a soluble protein enzyme called Hyaluronidase that effectively breaks down the hyaluronic acid used in most modern dermal fillers and one which occurs naturally within the body: a gel-like molecule that helps to keep skin plump and hydrated, aiding the production of collagen, and helping to maintain the skin’s elasticity.

The reversing enzyme works by dividing the bonds that bind the HA molecules while helping the body to reabsorb them naturally.

Dr Joshua is frequently asked by new patients to dissolve fillers that have been ‘overdone’ elsewhere before returning to him to have their fillers injected again from a ‘clean slate’. The filler dissolving injections can be guided by ultrasound for extra precision and to help detect where fillers remain.

How long do filler dissolving injections typically take to work?
The effects are more or less immediate although more noticeable after about 48 hours and complete within a week. This can vary according to the area involved, the level and type of filler in question.

It’s important to note that filler dissolving and correction are all part of the aesthetic injection process. In many ways it’s comforting to know that, while any dermal filler treatment may not always bring exactly the results expected, everything can be reversed.

How safe is the process?
The entire dermal filler process has an established and well-documented safety record when delivered by a qualified cosmetic injector. Problems are rare and Dr Joshua is happy to discuss options in the knowledge that he has done many such reversals with no adverse effects.

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