Nasolabial lines

In micro-droplets


    15–30 minutes


    Minimal, up to 24 hours


    Up to 18 months


    Bruising, swelling, lumps


    Avoid touching or makeup for four hours


    Cannula and needle


    From £415 for 1ml

These facial folds, often called our nose-to-mouth or smile lines, can be made to look much softer and not as deep; an effect which can be incredibly rejuvenating.

As we age, collagen depletes, we lose volume in the face and our natural fat pads start to sag. This downward migration of the nasolabial fat pad and the cheeks causes what we call our nasolabial groove to look more prominent, casting heavy shadows that help to make the face look droopy, stern and aged.

But finely placed injections of hyaluronic acid filler directly into the creases will delicately plump them up again, minimising their impact and smoothing this apparent dividing line between the middle and lower face. The result is a younger and far more refreshed look.

The nasolabial groove however, is usually one of the last areas we treat, simply because it’s a consequence of volume loss in the middle face. The most natural results are therefore achieved when the cheeks are treated first.

Dr Joshua is known for his understated injection style and natural-looking results and is ready to help you achieve your desired results.

What does filler in the nasolabial lines do?
Adding dermal filler here will improve the deep lines that form between the nose and mouth, making them less visible but not removing them completely because this would look unnatural. Directly injecting into them, usually after adding support in the cheeks, restores subtle volume to gently smoothen them and reduce unflattering shadows.

Does filler in the nasolabial lines change your smile?
Not to any great extent, you will still look like you, but you may notice your smile slightly improves because of the added support to the mouth area which can gently evert the lip.

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