Dermal fillers

In micro-droplets


    From 10 minutes


    Minimal, final results visible after 4 weeks


    9–18 months, depending on area


    Bruising, swelling, redness, lumps


    Avoid touching or make-up for six hours


    Cannula and needle


    From £415 for 1ml

In order to stay fulsome and supple, and therefore looking healthy, our skin needs to stay hydrated.

The body provides this naturally by producing hyaluronic acid, something commonly referred to as HA. And while that volume is also considered a sign of youth – remember those cherubic looks we had as babies – inevitably, it decreases with age.

That’s where dermal filler injections come in: in effect, artificially mimicking the effects of HA. The result – fewer facial lines and hollowing, and an increase in plumpness in areas such as the lips where volume is important.

These soft, gel-like substances that are injected under the skin, are also considered advantageous for use in the forehead, cheeks, under-eyes, the nose and a wide range of lines caused by smoking and sun damage.

There are a range of products that do this, some natural and some synthetic, each with different levels of density, longevity, and texture, which gives an experienced practitioner with an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy many options when working to build up the structure of the face and restoring volume.

Dr Joshua uses only HA-based dermal fillers because they’re reversible. He chooses to work with only the finest quality products and favours brands such as Teosyal by Teoxane, Restylane by Galderma and Belotero by Merz among others.

How quickly can I expect to see a result?
Patients are always impressed by the fact that they are more or less immediate. Softening of facial lines, wrinkles, scars, and plumpness of lips is also instant. But the effects, depending on the chemical makeup of the filler used, can last more than six months before being gradually absorbed by the body.

What if I change my mind?
Another benefit of HA dermal filler injections is that they can always be dissolved using Hyalase in the case of an adverse event, or if you simply decided you’re not happy with the result.

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